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/12 Projecten voor de Ronde Venen / Peated rural projects
artist Helmut Dick
year 2008
Turf area nearby Amsterdam and Utrecht
languages Dutch
index no. 01.4.05
In the so called Green Heart of the Netherlands we find peated-soil near Amsterdam and Utrecht. Agriculture was the the biggest industry for people who settled in this area over the last decades. The ... more
3 Films
artist Deirdre O'Mahony
year 2008
location IRELAND,
County Clare
languages English
index no. 06.4.03
Three documentaries about projects by Deirdre O'Mahony.

Cross Land was one of a series of temporary artworks commissioned by Clare County Arts Office for Ground Up, an experimental... more
A Game of Chess. Tournament for Russia
artist Nikolay Polissky
year 2008
location RUSSIA,
languages English
index no. 23.4.01
'A Game of Chess. Tournament for Russia' is a catalogue dedicated to the work of Nicolay Pollisky on the occasion of 11th Architecture Biennale in Venice. The Russian pavilion was split into two for t... more
A Month in the Country
artist Cornford & Cross
year 2003
location BRITAIN
languages English
index no. 05.2.01
The exhibition and book 'A Period Eye: Photography Now' highlights the role new photographic materials and technology play for 21st century photographers - which does not differ much from the early ph... more
A Photographic Portrait of a Landscape. New Dimensions in Landscape Philosophy
artist Pietsie Feenstra / Wapke Feenstra /
year 2012
languages English, Frisian
index no. 01.1.12
A Photographic Portrait of a Landscape is a micro study that explores cultural centres and land ownership. The expansion of the European Union has been accompanied by a growing interest in na... more
A Public Auction of Private Art Works
artist Nina Pope
year 2001
location BRITAIN,
Kimbolton (Kimbolton Castle)
languages English
index no. 05.3.03
‘A Public Auction of Private Art Works’ was a live art project that focused on ‘restaging’ an auction that was held at Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon in 1949. Pope used the original sale as a cu... more
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