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A Game of Chess. Tournament for Russia
artist Nikolay Polissky
year 2008
location RUSSIA,
languages English
index no. 23.4.01
'A Game of Chess. Tournament for Russia' is a catalogue dedicated to the work of Nicolay Pollisky on the occasion of 11th Architecture Biennale in Venice. The Russian pavilion was split into two for t... more
Archstoyanie Festival 2008/2009
artist 16 Architects, artists and photographers
year 2008/2009
location RUSSIA,
languages Russian, English
index no. 23.4.02
Since 2000 the village of Nikola-Lenivets has become an outpost of modern art, thanks to the work of the land artist Nikolay Polissky. Together with peasants, local residents from nearby villages, he ... more
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