The points of Biel - Bienne
artist Helmut Dick
year 2006
language(s) Swiss German, English
location  SWITZERLAND, Biel - Bienne
region 4 West (West)
index no. 15.4.01
media DVD
about the media An interview with Hans Schneider on some mysterious scorched patches on his land.
about the project Biel (German) – Bienne (French) is the largest bilingual city in Switzerland. In 2006 farmer Hans Schneider, who lives in Biel, discovered that the grass in one of his fields was scorched in several places and had formed patterns of 4 circles in different places.
The newspapers picked up on this strange occurrence and spoke of a UFO landing. Several curious people visited Schneider's land to see the phenomenon with their own eyes.
Helmut Dick created this project as an assignment. The task: ‘create a rumour in the run-up to the exhibition that is based on tracks of possibly extraterrestrial origin.’ Overnight 48 circles (diameter: 1.20) in unusual patterns suddently appeared on the hillsides and the top of the ‘Guldhubel’. The grass in the circles was pressed flat and scorched. A witness reported seeing strange lights in the middle of the night.
The ‘Guldhubel’ is a historical hill close to Biel-Bienne, Switzerland. During the Middle Ages (10th -13th century) a stronghold with a watchtower was located on top of it.
in project language Biel – Bienne ist der grössten zweisprachigen Stadt der Schweiz. In 2006 Hans Schneider, Bauer in der Region, entdeckte grosse Punkte auf sein Land. Die Rasendecke war verbrennt.
Die Zeitunge berichten über das Phenomen und sprachen über ein UFO. Verschiedene Besucher anschauten die Punkte.
about artist and participants Helmut Dick is a video and installation artist. He works in public spaces and draws inspiration from everyday situations to which he adds his own twist. For example: he once planted lettuce in the shadow of a flat and later divided the crop amongst the inhabitants.
in project language Helmut Dick ist video und Installation Künstler. Er benutzt alltägliche Situazionen und fügt etwas dabei. Er pflantzte zum Beispiel Salat im Schatten der Appartementshaus und verteilte die Salatköpfe under die Bewöhner.