Trans-Local-Act: Cultural Practises within and across
artist Cultural Agencies, Public Works, PS2, atelier d'architecture autogeree, Agency, various writers
year 2010
language(s) English
location  VARIOUS LOCATIONS, Europe, various locations
region 0 everywhere (Everywhere)
index no. 19.1.01
media Book
about the media The book brings together a series of reflections and practices around issues of local and trans-local cultural production within different contexts in Europe, prompted through the agency of a collaborative and networked project: Rhyzom.
date of input:
about the project Cultures developed within local contexts are intrinsically related to political, economic, social and material aspects and to specific temporalities, spatialities, individual and collective histories and experiences. Like the whole Rhyzom project, the book is an attempt to create transversal links and connections within and across different local framings and to seize instances of the dynamic and complicated nature of notions of ‘local’ and ‘culture’ through multiple forms of practice, which address the critical condition of culture in contemporary society. In relations with ‘local, and ‘trans-local’, ‘place’ and ‘culture’, issues of conflict and contest, ecologies, politics and care practices, common and commonality, institutions and agencies are addressed.
about artist and participants The book is written by architects, artists, activists, curators, cultural workers, educators, sociologists, geographers and residents living in different rural and urban areas in Europe and is addressed to anyone concerned with the relation between culture, subjectivity, space and politics today.
Agency, atelier d’arc hitecture autog érée (aaa), Cristina Cerulli, Cultural Agencies, Fernando García Dory, Doina Petrescu, PS² = Paragon Studios / project space, public works, Anne Querrien, Bryonie Reid, Christoph Schäfer, Julia Udall, Universidad Nómada, Valeria Graziano, Mihaela Efrim, Gareth Kennedy, Ruth Morrow, Peter Mutschler, Andrew Gryf Paterson, Constantin Petcou, Fiona Woods, Erdoğan Yıldız, Manuela Zechner.
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