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Ground Up
artist Fiona Woods (and others)
year 2008
language(s) English
location  IRELAND
region 4 West (West)
index no. 06.4.01
media Book and DVD
about the media Documentation about an experimental programme of contemporary art in the rural public realm that took place between 2003 -2007; twenty-two artists, two publications, a series of public events and eleven temporary public artworks.
date of input:
Ground Up catalogue
about the project Ground Up was a rural art project involving a number of local artists. The aim of the project was to commission temporary artworks to be exhibited at various rural locations in the county. Within the discourse of contemporary visual culture the rural context is relatively invisible or largely viewed as a cultural void, an absence. Ground Up set out to challenge that discourse, proposing the rural as a distinct type of public sphere, and exploring how contemporary art practice might relate to the full, cultural complexity therein. Art in public was understood as both a process of research and a mode of dialoguing between artists, rural communities and the wider cultural discourse. What sets this context apart from its urban counterpart is that an active engagement with nature is integral to the social, economic and cultural matrix.

The Ground Up publication is more than simply a record of the commissions. It represents a cultural artifact in and of itself, both phisically and in its effectiviness as a tool for communication and dissemination.
about artist and participants Work by; vladimir arkhipov, amanda dunsmore, patricia hurl, maria finucane, paul forder, tamas kaszas, maria kerin, aileen lambert, john langan, fiona o' dwyer, deirdre o' mahony, aine phillips, therry rudin, sean taylor, vincent wall, fiona woods. Essays by; (maja and dr. reuben fowkes), matthew lennon, alan phelan, fiona woods. On DVD; documentary by fergus tighe, along with artworks by amanda dunsmore, aileen lambert, sean taylor and vince wall
see also Trans-Local-Act: Cultural Practises within and across index no. 06.4.01
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