Auf dem Boulevard Reaumur-Sebastopol/On Boulevard Reaumur-Sebastopol
artist Antje Schiffers
year 2002/2004
language(s) English, German
region 0 everywhere (Everywhere)
index no. 19.0.01
media Book
about the media Catalogue as part of exhibition
Our woman in Minsk (Macedonia, Belarus)
Skopje, Macedonia
about the project
Catalogue published on the occasion of the exhibition 'Antje Schiffers / Thomas Ganzenm├╝ller' in Kunstverein Hannover 2005.

Antje Schiffer and Thomas Ganzenm├╝ller, the two winners of the prize of the Art Association in 2002, presented their works in a dual exhibition, which included the entire space of the Kunstverein. It was their first major solo exhibition in a national exhibition center. The two artists essentially presented the results of their two-year stay in the studio home of the Kunstverein Hannover, Villa Minimo.

The "traveling artist" Antje Schiffer, produces paintings as a form of payment for room and board. She goes on trips that have little in common with the contemporary widespread longing for faraway places and recreation, quickly consumed by residents and tourists. On her trips to Mexico, Italy and in Eastern European countries bordering the EU, the painting becomes the mercantile exchange good for commissioned work and artistic activities.

The duration of the stay depends on the time that is necessary to produce a painting in the category "reasonably well" - usually four or five days. Antje Schiffer sociological research drive is always highlighted with a romantic adventure, so the boundaries are imperceptibly permeable and the viewer is constantly in danger of getting lost between biography and science, between research and adventure.

In this catalogue a selection of her works are presented, amongst others the first part of the 'I like bing a farmer and I'd like to stay one' project, 'Landleben', which was continued in her Hometown Heiligendorf. It part of a village feast under the umbrella of the first presentation of the then newly founded
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