Archstoyanie Festival 2008/2009
artist 16 Architects, artists and photographers
year 2008/2009
language(s) Russian, English
location  RUSSIA, Nikola-Lenivets
region 4 West (West)
index no. 23.4.02
media Book
about the media Catalogue of a summer and winter edition of a land art /architecture festival in the countryside of Russia
date of input:
R&Sie(n), <em>Screw me</em>
about the project Since 2000 the village of Nikola-Lenivets has become an outpost of modern art, thanks to the work of the land artist Nikolay Polissky. Together with peasants, local residents from nearby villages, he has created various objects around the village, such as armies of snowmen, towers made of hay, fire wood androds. After a while art experts, journalists and other visitors have started to arrive. Polissky organized several art events and in 2005 he decided to found a festival called “Archstoyanie” (“Architectural Standing”), which has a summer and winter edition every year since then.
The catalogue is dedicated to the Summer 2008 and Winter 2009 editions of the festival, both about the theme 'Noah's Ark'. The catalogue is illustrated with photographs - documenting both the works as well as the context of both festivals -, 3d designs of the works and a photo project called 'Archstoyanie 2008. Noah’s Ark'.
Summer 2008: For the the summer festival short-term floating houses which could be used as a shelter for 3 – 6 persons were designed and built within several days. These floating houses drifted down the Ugra river, from "Pahomovskiy bridge" to Zvizhy village. Upon the festival completion the water crafts were transported to a permanent location where they are used as museum exhibits and guest-houses.
Winter 2009: The summer festival was concentrated around the idea of interrelations between man and nature, the winter festival focused on man and civilization: the contemporary situation in the world can be defined as critical and transitional. The date of the festival was in the same period as the Maslenitsa feast, which also was an important influence on the concept. Burning the effigy of Winter symbolizes destruction of negative phenomena connected with the cold season in Russian archaic tradition. Just like the Great Flood (the central theme of the two editions) fire is connected with the beginning of a new life cycle.
During the festival there were presentations of new objects, folk festival with songs, dances and theatrical shows, burning the effigy of Maslenitsa, pancakes and traditional Russian drinks and, finally, burning one of the objects of the festival.
about artist and participants Summer 2008: R&Sie(n) / Francois Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Sami Rintala, Aleksandr Ponomaryov, Vladimir Plotkin, Totan Kuzembayev. Winter 2009: Vasily Shchetinin, Konstatin Larin (& Domus Magazine) Photo project: Aleksandr Shaburov, Vyacheslav Mizin (Blue Noses Group), Oleg Kulik, Vladislav Efimov, Igor Mukhin, Yuriy Avakumov, Yuriy Palmin, Aleksandr Ponomaryov.
organisations Project Nikola-Lenivets
 Eggertsson, Rintala, Jenssen, <em>B-Raft</em>
Vladimir Plotkin, <em>House on the water</em>
Konstantin Larin, <em>Lady-on-Fire</em>
Vasily Shchetinin, <em>Golden Calf</em>