The Majestics
artist Richard Saxton
year 2012
language(s) English
region 4 West (West)
index no. 13.4.04
media Booklet with CD and map
about the media Project catalogue with audiotrack on CD and hand drawn map about an interdisciplinary project by one artist.
date of input:
Catalogue spread
about the project The Majestics began in 2010 as a particular grouping of images from Richard Saxton’s 'Rural Research Archive'. In 2012 Saxton became a Frontier Fellow at the Epicenter and completed the project on-site in Greenriver Utah. The Epicenter is a community resource center instigating positive change through design-based projects. Frontier Fellows are creative professionals who immerse themselves in the town of Green River for four to six weeks. From this rural place, and in the context of the frontier fellows respond to living and working in the desert of Utah. Through Saxton's interdisciplinary approach to presenting imagery, many impressions and interpretations arised from accumulated artworks.
The Majestics looks at small rural communities, and explores themes such as environment and its effects on human habitat, rural ingenuity, and chance building. It also explores notions of mobility, adaptability, and utopia, while at the same time projects feelings of isolation, loss, loneliness, and tranquility.
The work questions the many forces at play in the American West today: human habitation, vernacular structures and remote geography, the function of the built landscape, the romance and reality of the West, utopian ideas of coexisting with, and preserving nature, and the harsh realities of social-economic conditions in the 21st century rural West.
This (modest-sized) catalogue explores the expanded scope of the work, and includes drawings and impressions of on-site installations, an exhibition of photographs at a local motel and a small sculptural exhibit titled 'Trailside Museum'. Excerpts of an exchange of letters between Richard Saxton and Dr. Robert Nauman (author of several books and articles on contemporary art and architecture) are included. It also features an audio soundtrack composed by Zach Boddicker of the Denver twang-rock band 4H Royalty.
about artist and participants Richard Saxton, Robert Nauman, 4H Royalty
On-Site Installation: <em>Yellow Hawk</em>
On-Site Installation: <em>Hawks on the Old Jail</em>
Sculptural exhibit <em>Trailside Museum</em>