Air 2010 Štefle
artist Various participants
year 2010
language(s) Czech, English
location  CZECH REPUBLIC, Chodska Lhota-Na Steflich
region 4 West (West)
index no. 08.4.01
media Book and DVD
about the media Book(let) and DVD about AIR 2010 Štefle. Information about activities such as artist in residency projects and exhibitions.
date of input:
Artists in residency location
about the project The booklet gives an insight in the residency of about 15 artists during July 2010 in Štefle illustrated with photographs: the exhibitions, presentations, openings and lectures. There is also a small section dedicated to the works of each participating artist.
The DVD contains registrations of the two exhibition openings of the installations 4 Windows. The Funeral and 4Windows. Ballpoint on canvas by Sam and the Anna Kalwajtys performance Education.
about artist and participants Jiří Valoch, Veronika Dolanská, Michaela Kokošková, Johana Černá, Anna Kalwajtys, Graeme McKinnon, Petr Kačírek, Marie Ladrová & Quido, Květa Monhartová, František Stupka, Jan Vlček, Sam
organisations Culture83, Sam83
Sam working on <em>4 Windows. Ballpoint on Canvas</em> installation
Anna Kalwajtys performing <em>Education</em>
Happening and installation <em> 4 Windows.The Funeral</em> by Sam
Marie Ladrová developing <em>The Haystack</em>