A Public Auction of Private Art Works
artist Nina Pope
year 2001
language(s) English
location  BRITAIN, Kimbolton (Kimbolton Castle)
region 3 South (South)
index no. 05.3.03
media Book
about the media Book about an auction of private art works.
Kimbolton Castle
The book
about the project ‘A Public Auction of Private Art Works’ was a live art project that focused on ‘restaging’ an auction that was held at Kimbolton Castle, Huntingdon in 1949. Pope used the original sale as a curatorial device to commission new works by contemporary artists and designers.
Forty artists were invited to choose an item from the original sale list and create a work in response to it. These new pieces formed part of the sale list for the restaged auction which was held at Kimbolton Castle in June 2001. As part of the project a number of the original sale items were traced and returned to the Castle to be viewed alongside the new commissions.
about artist and participants People could participate in the auction. People who were unable to attend in person at Kimbolton Castle, could watch it live via the Internet, and phone or e-mail remote bids. Artworks by artists that Nina Pope personally knew through work relations or that came from the area around the castle were approached by her.