Park Products
artist Kathrin Böhm / Andreas Lang
year 2004
language(s) English
location  BRITAIN, Kensington Gardens
region 3 South (South)
index no. 05.3.05
media Book
about the media Book on a project that produced special products using park resources.
Launching the products
Kensington Gardens
about the project Kathrin Böhm and Andreas Lang were artists in residence at the Serpentine Gallery in London from September 2003 to July 2004. They worked with people who use the Royal Park of Kensington Gardens such as parks gardeners and dog-walkers, as well as with Design Products students from the Royal College of Art and scientists from Imperial College to produce special products using park resources.
The products were developed in cooperation with the users of the park. The products were traded for non-monetary currency with the public at a mobile stall in Kensington Gardens in the summer of 2004.
about artist and participants Kathrin Böhm (Germany, 1968) is one of the initiators of At the moment she initiates a project for “ourvillages” based on the experiences in Park Products. The so-called Höfer Waren will be developed for the October-fair in her village. Establishing personal contacts and exploring the potential of public space are central to Kathrin Böhm’s work.
In collaboration with colleague Stefan Saffer (Germany, 1968) and architect Andreas Lang (Germany, 1969) Böhm started Mobile Porch. Its initial idea was to create a tool that allows links between contemporary art practice and a local audience.
With Andreas Lang and others Böhm is part of Public Works; a collective consisting of architects and artists who have been collaborating in different constellations since 1998. The team is specialised in participation and design projects for public spaces and institutions.