Walking and Talking
artist Céline Condorelli / Gavin Wade
year 2005
language(s) English
location  BRITAIN, University of Essex
region 3 South (South)
index no. 05.3.06
media Card with map
about the media Card with map of the University of Essex, citing people of Colchester on the University.
Map of Essex University
View from the University buildings
about the project Céline Condorelli & Gavin Wade were making a direct call to the people of Colchester, the surrounding areas and beyond, who may have had an association with the University of Essex, to share their memories of the campus: ‘Perhaps you remember the University being built back in the 1960s and have watched its development? Perhaps you were a student or member of staff at Essex?’
Peoples memory’s, about their walks and talks, acted as a register of collective memory and experience of the University from its creation through 40 years of life. From these walks and talks the artists created a series of narration lines around the campus which visitors could follow when the exhibition opened at the University Gallery in February 2005. Each line told its own personal history of the campus.
about artist and participants The walking & talking map shows the entire site works in conjunction with the signs to inscribe people’s stories into the landscape, and a document for all new users and visitors to the site.
Céline Condorelli is an architect based in London. She is Senior Lecturer at London Metropolitan University and previously at the University of East London and works within art and architecture collaborations. Gavin Wade is an artist-curator, whose work has developed from structures within exhibitions for ‘supporting’ the work of others to a broader enquiry into finding and creating what he terms ‘new sites for art’, resulting in projects looking at collaboration and the public space. Gavin Wade is in the board of and is living in the rural surroundings of Birmingham.