Allenheads Contemporary Arts
artist Alan Smith / Helen Ratcliffe
year 1994, ongoing
language(s) English
location  BRITAIN, Allenheads, Northumberland
region 1 North (North)
index no. 05.1.01
media DVD
about the media DVD on the art/education organisation Allenheads Contemporary Arts (ACA) in Northumberland.
The Old Schoolhouse
Rescued bird in residence with Marcus Coates
about the project Allenheads Contemporary Arts (ACA) is an art/education organisation based in an old schoolhouse. The school is used as a laboratory and meeting place for artists, scientists and curators wanting to collaborate on projects involving both international and regional elements. ACA aims to build up a varied interpretation of the environment through a programme of research.
about artist and participants The organisation is established in 1994 by the artists Alan Smith and his partner Helen Ratcliffe. The local community is invited to make an essential contribution to the programme. The founder Alan Smith (Swansea, South Wales, 1956) is a video artist. He works with video and digital media; his work combines recorded performance with sound compositions.
The Old Schoolhouse in use
Studio at The Old Schoolhouse