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Das Dorf
artist Ueli Alder, Yves Mettler,, Lukasz Skapski, Sofie Thorsen, Lena Maria Thuring and others
year 2010
languages Swiss German, English
index no. 15.1.02
According to statistics, people flee the country, they move to urban areas and cities. But what about the village? Who remains in the village, with its special architectural and social structure? The ... more
On the main square, near the woods / Am Hauptplatz, im Wald
artist Sofie Thorsen
year 2005
location AUSTRIA
languages Austrian German
index no. 07.1.03
Sofie Thorsen researched the spaces especially designed for or appropriated by teenagers in a rural region in Upper Austria – a bench on a main square or the one near the woods where they hang aroun... more
Village fig.
artist Sofie Thorsen
year 2007
location AUSTRIA
languages German, English
index no. 07.0.01
Since 2001, Sofie Thorsen has, from various viewpoints, studied, analysed, inventoried, and fictitiously animated the phenomena of village structures. Thorsen: “The works deal with the village as a ... more
Window-sill / Vindueskarm
artist Sofie Thorsen / Elsebeth Jørgensen
year 2001
location DENMARK,
Amager, Arhus
languages Danish, English
index no. 03.1.01
‘Window-sill’ is a collection of 94 plants borrowed from private window-sills in Arhus during the summer of 1998 and on Amager in the spring of 2000. The artists visited people in their homes and ... more
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