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Adding Complexity to Confusion
artist Grizedale Arts
year 2009
location BRITAIN,
Grizedale Forest, Lake District, Cumbria
languages English
index no. 05.1.07
The period between 1999 and 2009 was a transitional period for Grizedale, when the organisation was reworking the model of the artist's residency, rethinking the term 'Land Art' and re-energizing a pr... more
Coniston Water Festival
artist Grizedale Arts
year 2005
location BRITAIN,
Coniston (Cumbria)
languages English
index no. 05.1.05
The Coniston Water Festival was a tradition in Coniston, Lake District, instituted in the later half of the 19th century, continuing up until 1998. The week-long events centered around Coniston Water ... more
First ever Village Kiosk Product Catalogue
artist / public works
year 2008
languages Dutch, English, German
index no. 01.4.04
Village Kiosk is a new international initiative by artists/architects Public Works from London and the artist initiative and the commissioning organization Grizedale Arts. The Village K... more
Nature Centre
artist Jenny Brownrigg
year 1999-2000
location BRITAIN,
Grizedale and Lake District
languages English
index no. 05.1.04
In 1999 Jenny Brownrigg stayed at Grizedale as artist-in-residence. For the immediate surroundings of Grizedale and the Lake District she founded a ‘Nature Centre’. Brownrigg wanted to investigate... more
Roadshow - A Grizedale Arts Project
artist Grizedale Arts
year 2003
location BRITAIN,
Lake District, Grizedale (Cumbria)
languages English
index no. 05.1.03
“Roadshow” took artworks, artists and curators on tour to rural venues across the country. The project was devised and developed by Grizedale Arts, FlatPack001 and the commissioned artists. The ou... more
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