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Dinner with the cows / Middag med korna
artist Kultivator
year 2005
location SWEDEN,
languages None
index no. 11.5.01
The film ‘Dinner with the cows - or food for those we love’ shows people setting a table on a misty night. The table is long, covered with tablecloths. A man and a woman fill the plates: one side ... more
No milk today
artist 18 Artists
year 2001
languages Dutch
index no. 01.1.02
The exhibition “No milk today” took place in a former dairy factory in Kolderveen. It was held to mark the end of the milk industry there and the transformation of the space into a place for artis... more
The expansion of the Mastenbroek Polder / De uitbreiding van Mastenbroek
artist Sjaak Langenberg
year 2004
languages Dutch, English
index no. 01.2.02
The Mastenbroek polder is located in the Dutch Province of Overijssel, between the towns of Kampen, Zwolle, Hasselt and Genemuiden. The land was reclaimed in 1364 and it forms an unusual man-made land... more
To put into proportion - Recycling / Ins-Verhältnis-Setzen - Wiederverwertung
artist Sukyun Yang / Insook Ju
year 2004
location GERMANY,
languages German, English, Korean
index no. 02.1.01
Yang and Ju made an exhibition in Kunstverein Ahlen, Germany. The catalogue features pictures of their mobile home and ‘media furniture’. Their long-term project “Yang-Ju-Bang” (Korean for: th... more
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