Notion Nanny / Oswestry
year 2006
location BRITAIN, Oswestry
region West
host B + B (Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope)
about the travel B+B invited the Bibliobox to attend a workshop on 17th March 2006 - with discussions and a trade fair - within the framework of the exhibition Notion Nanny by Allison Smith at Qube in Oswestry. 3 till 24 March 2006 New York-based artist Allison Smith was based in Oswestry, close to the border with Wales in Shropshire. She investigated and learned traditional crafts in the area, such as weaving, clog making and leather-work. Allison worked with local makers, reconsidering the role of craft in society and creating a temporary guild of participants.
The workshop focussed on the revolutionary potential of traditional skills, and touched upon issues such as: peddling as an alternative economy, the use of history and locality in contemporary art, making as story telling, itinerancy and translation, and social change through traditional means. It aimed at arts professionals engaging in socially engaged practices, rural traditions, contemporary art and craft. And also at people interested in the role of art in reviving or reconsidering local history.
After a discussion the audience had the opportunity to view the exhibition and attend the Notion Nanny Trade Fair. The Bibliobox was set up in the exhibition hall and well visited by a curious audience.
about the host Notion Nanny in the West Midlands is developed with B+B (Sarah Carrington and Sophie Hope) and realised in association with Craftspace Touring as part of the Transborder Crafts project.
After her residency in Cumbria with Grizedale Arts and the Wordsworth Trust and her exhibition at Studio Voltaire in London (selected as one of the best exhibitions of 2005 by Peter Eleey in issue 96 of Frieze) Notion Nanny continued in 2006 with Allison Smith's residency and exhibition at Qube in Oswestry. Qube is the home of Oswestry Community Action, a charity which aims to improve quality of life and empower those members of the community marginalised through age, health, disability or rural isolation, to fully participate in society.
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